Ten Reasons Humans Created Religion

Re: Ten Reasons Humans Created Religion

by Евгений Волков -
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Nikola Brajkovic пpивet Evgeny! I was baptized as a child in the religion of Mormonism and later I was fortunate enough to meet people who could help me overcome my beliefs and learn how to think. Now I can see that religion is both helpful and unhelpful. Looking at a church from the inside, it provides a place for people to be accepted - a place where they can feel approval and can consider themselves as worthwhile. Since humans also have a need to have a purpose in their lives Religion can motivate some and give them a 'reason' to have hope and heal themselves as close to their roots as possible! on the other side of this I can see that once a person achieves acceptance, they will feel as though they belong to something and soon with further approval, will attain respect and esteem. Status, power and finally control. As an thought experiment, what do you think will happen if people learn to think and grow past Religion. How would the world look?


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