Что такое критический рационализм

Что такое критический рационализм

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Karl Popper


«So what I called Critical Rationalism is an attitude which I described only in a roundabout way, namely I said it is the attitude 'I may be wrong, and you may be right, but let us sit together and discuss matters critically, and in the end we may not agree, but we will both have learned something'. That attitude I called Critical Rationalism.

The attitude of rational discussion, perhaps with the hope that it leads to agreement but with the clear realisation that it may not lead to agreement. (…)

It is the break with my trying to convince my neighbour and the break with the idea: In the end we shall come to an agreement. It leaves it open that we may not come to an agreement. (…)

It is not a thesis, it is not a theory, it is not a dogma. It is the attitude that if we devote ourselves to problems critically we may learn. That is what I call Critical Rationalism. It is very important that it is not a theory.»

Karl Popper, from his impromptu reply to a question concerning W.W. Bartley III at the end of a lecture by Prof. Keiichiro Kamino, during his visit to Kyoto in 1992. (Can be found in 'The Ethical Nature of Karl Popper's Theory of Knowledge' from Mariano Artigas).

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