Язык (текст) и есть свобода

Язык (текст) и есть свобода

by Евгений Волков -
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Язык и есть свобода, иначе все тексты бессмысленны из-за логического противоречия в утверждении текстовой формулировкой машинообразности человеческого текста.

Bruce Caithness

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I tend to agree with Abraham Meidan when he says in "Skepticism is True" 2004 and also with Joseph Agassi in "Philosophy from a Skeptical Perspective" 2008 that people do not choose their beliefs. What we believe is determined by psychological (cultural, social) processes. And people believe in statements that minimize the extent of the unexpected events of which they are aware.

We do seem to be able to summon the will to put our articulated propositions or proposals up for criticism and thus it may be that as a by-product new beliefs are formed and old ones retired.

The question then arises as to how free is our will? Is there anyone who wills who really denies that such willing is, at least at times, free? However I acknowledge that believing a thing to be so does not make it so, nor are we free to choose our beliefs.

It does seem that with language we have been granted more freedom than our evolutionary ancestors, and also one supposes there are times when we act and there are times when we perform but as machines.

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