Critical Thinking And Reflection Tutorial

Critical Thinking And Reflection Tutorial

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 Critical Thinking And Reflection Tutorial

Author: Learning Development (Plymouth University)
Description: A comprehensive tutorial exploring the critical thinking process.
Estimated activity time: 1 hour
Type of media: Handout/s, Video, Interactive learning object
Licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
(This resource can be freely repurposed and reused)
Category: Critical Thinking and Reflection
Tags: Tutorial
Date: This information/resource was last updated in February 2016.


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This tutorial explores the critical thinking process. It is aimed at students, and offers advice on how to apply the process to their academic work.   This resource requires updated materials that are no longer accessible within the tutorial, see 'required resources'


Access the Critical Thinking and Reflection tutorial (Requires Adobe Flash) PLEASE NOTE that this video resource 'had' a number embedded resource files/links at the end which no longer work. They are ONLY available via separate download from the 'required resources' section below! 

Slide transcript for Critical thinking tutorial (PDF) 

Required resources

PLEASE NOTE The following 'updated' items are needed for the video resource: 

Reflection using The Park (PDF) 

Model_To_Generate_Critical_Thinking (PDF) 

Critical_Thinking study guide (PDF) 

Study guide on reflection (PDF) 

An activity using the CT -Critical Thinking- model (PDF) 

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