КМ как жизненно важное умение

КМ как жизненно важное умение

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 «Если бы был один жизненный навык, необходимый каждому человеку на планете, это была бы способность мыслить с критической объективностью». Джош Ланьон.


Критическое мышление имеет богатую концепцию и является значительным оружием для любой нации. Он развивается на протяжении последних 2500 лет. 

«Критическое мышление — это не то, что вы делаете один раз с проблемой, а затем бросаете его. Это требует, чтобы мы обновляли наши знания по мере поступления новой информации.

Время, затрачиваемое на оценку претензий, — это не просто потраченное время. Это следует рассматривать как часть неявной сделки, которую мы все сделали».Это означает, что критическое мышление — это способность ясно и рационально мыслить о своих действиях и о том, как он верит в что-то путём оценки и анализа. 

Кроме того, если мы рассмотрим тот факт, что Пакистан отстаёт в исследованиях и во многих других продуктивных областях после умной молодежи. Это происходит не из-за преобладающей коррупции или нехватки средств в образовательных институтах, но наиболее важная халатность критического мышления является самым выдающимся фактором. Однако, это самый важный фактор для любой нации, чтобы привести к светлому будущему.

Критическое мышление важно по многим причинам, потому что наличие сильного навыка критического мышления помогает эффективно выполнять следующие действия:

• Понимание логических связей между идеями, 
• Идентификация, анализ, построение и оценка аргументов, 
• Обнаружение несоответствий и распространенных ошибок в рассуждениях; 
• Автоматическое дешифрование проблем; 
• Определение значимости и важности идей; 
• Уделение внимания обоснованию собственных верований и ценностей.

В дополнение к этому, это также важно по следующим причинам: ...


“If there was one life skill everyone on the planet needed, it was the ability to think with critical objectivity.” Josh Lanyon. Critical thinking has a rich concept and is a significant weapon for any nation. It has been developing throughout the past 2500…


It Is Time To Awake Our Critical Thinking Skill



“If there was one life skill everyone on the planet needed, it was the ability to think with critical objectivity.” Josh Lanyon.Critical thinking has a rich concept and is a significant weapon for any nation. It has been developing throughout the past 2500 years. If we go for a literal meaning of critical thinking so according to Daniel Levitin:“Critical thinking is not something you do once with an issue and then drop it. It requires that we update our knowledge as new information comes in. Time spent evaluating claims are not just time well spent. It should be considered part of an implicit bargain we’ve all made.”This means that critical thinking is one’s ability to think clearly and rationally about his/her actions and his/her way of believing something via evaluating and analyzing. Additionally, if we scrutinized the fact that Pakistan lags behind in research and many other productive fields after having an intelligent youth. This is not because of the prevailing corruption or lack of funds in educational institutes, but most importantly negligence of critical thinking is the most eminent factor. Howbeit, it is the most important factor for any nation to have in order to lead towards a bright future.Critical thinking is important for many reasons because having a strong critical thinking skill helps one to do the following things efficiently:

• Comprehending the logical connections between ideas,

• Identifying, analyzing, constructing, and evaluating arguments,
• Detecting incongruity and common mistakes in reasoning,
• Deciphering problems systematically,
• Identifying the relevance and importance of ideas,
• Grasping the reflection on the justification of one’s own beliefs and values.In addition to this, it is also important for the following reasons:

  • It boosts one’s domain-general thinking skill: Critical thinking not only help an individual to choose what to do after thinking rationally but also helps one to tackle with the dilemmas or hurdles systematically via using critical thinking skill which will boost one’s domain-general thinking skill in parallel.
  • It helps in catching the train of this world: The global economy is changing every day and the world is moving towards advancement within a fraction of the time. Here, a fast an effective brain is needed to catch the train of this world and for that critical thinking will help us to run as fast as possible to not only catch the train but also able to stay prominent and stable during such competitive phase.
  • It helps in enhancing one’s presentation and language skills: Where it improves one’s comprehension skill, so do it helps one to deliver his/her thoughts efficiently and distinctly.
  • It promotes creativity: However, when a comprehension skill is boosted up, it helps one to come up with the creative ideas, solutions and ways to distinguish oneself from others and able to make a prestigious position in this world.
  • It helps in Self-Accountability: While critical thinking helps in evaluating and observing the surroundings, at the same time it helps in the process of self-evaluation and self-accountability.
  • It is a bedrock of science and democracy: It helps the citizens to leave the nature of being prejudice and bias and make them understand the basic social issues and choose the suitable and proper governance to hold such issues in order to solve it. On the other hand, in science it helps one to experiment and turn the theory into practical after confirmation.

Additionally, in Pakistan, the critical thinking skill is missing in almost all the fields. Due to this, we are facing many problems in the different sphere of fields and unable to come up with the coherent ways to resolve them. However, we need to awake the critical thinkers. The following are the ways to awake our critical thinking skill:

  • Ask Questions: Let’s ask questions without any hesitation, and fear of being judged because as quoted by James Stephens: We get wise by asking questions, and even if these are not answered, we get wise, for a well-packed question carries its answer on its back as a snail carries its shell.
  • Question Your Assumptions: Human beings have a nature of assuming things. However, it is really an innovative habit of questioning your assumptions which helps one in correcting oneself from following an illogical path as quotes by Alan Alda: Begin challenging your assumptions. Your assumptions are the windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while or the light won’t come in.
  • Beware of you Cognitive Biases: It is important for the critical thinkers to look after their mental processes before they get trapped by the cognitive biases. Be careful to get rid of it once it tries to disturb your decisions and objectives via spreading prejudice thoughts. “Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.” Maya Angelou
  • Stop among those who take something at face value: We as a human don’t have to live on assumptions or myths; we must evaluate our surroundings to get the different benefits come out of it. In order to avoid such kind of stereotypical way of living our lives, we are required to think and evaluate after we are told to do something.
    “If you take life at face value, it loses its luster pretty quickly. If you go after it, you get more out of it.” Christopher Meloni
  • Do Your Research: On the daily basis many information are revolving of the different sphere of fields, to get to know about them, and follow them needs a research and before adopting something we must research about it because to follow something blindly will end it soon.
    “Research is creating new knowledge.” Neil Armstrong
  • Don’t Make It Complicated Instead Keep it Simple:

In this world full of science, we tend to fall into complicated situations sometimes. By turning the things into your perception via reasoning and researching, you are able to make the complicated things simple.

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.” Stendhal

While concluding it is important to know the fact that critical thinking skill is important in all aspects. Pakistan is lacking this skill badly and for this, we can’t blame the government, but ourselves. We as a human beings are responsible for neglecting this skill. Howbeit, it is true that we can’t think critically 100% all the time, but at least we can deploy this skill while making important decisions for ourselves and for our land. So, for the sake of our motherland Pakistan, let’s together awake our critical thinking skill.



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