Запугивание фейковыми новостями само является фейковой новостью

Re: Запугивание фейковыми новостями само является фейковой новостью

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Nikola Brajkovic Eventually you realize that everything's bullshit. Even the pursuit to rationality makes you less 'rational'

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Евгений Волков The story is about some different issue.
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Nikola Brajkovic Evgeny, I understand Advertising. I understand that people can buy sexy swimwear but that they can't buy the satisfaction and self-esteem which comes from growing into the person they want to be. I understand that people can buy roses but that they can...Еще
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Nikola Brajkovic I posted a remark in a pretty shitty and indirect way but to clarify it, what I meant by it is that any attempt to "control the protocols and proccesses for delivery" [on facebook] will only create algorithms which define the logic of human behaviour. And, in the end humans behave more like machines and less like humans - unable to make their own decisions. The core behind this - the philosophy of the Elites is rested in pure rationality and certainty.

Certainty that their world-view is correct. But this type of pure certainty is dangerous. It's what causes people to strap bombs into themselves and blow up a crowd of people, because they have 20 virgins waiting for them in heaven. 

In the same way, pure rationality is dangerous. It can't be achieved by humans. And anyone who behaves in that way is full of shit. Because I personally know how hard it is to achieve.

We have too many biases. Too many fallacies. And any attempts to develop systems to acheive it make us less rational.

But hey, what do I know. I'm probably wrong (And what's more , is you don't even have a dislike button to disagree with me ;) )
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Nikola Brajkovic See how smug I am. It's fucking disgusting. That's what rationality does to you.
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Евгений Волков K Popper had wrote about a necessity of CRITICAL rationalism in his book 'Open Society and its Enemies'.

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