Evgeny (Yevgeniy) Volkov

Research Proposals
Help for the Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse: Organization Of a Counseling and Research Center

The main task — making a counseling service for the victims of psychological and spiritual abuse at Nizhny Novgorod University. The help for victims of psyhological and spiritual violence is extremely essential for a modern situation in CIS. The public organization "Committee for Rescue of Youth from Destructive Cults" indicates that from 3,000000 up to 5,000000 people are already involved in various cultic groups. About 250 thousand families are destroyed. The psychological science and administrative and legal systems in Russia almost have not experience of the analysis and counteraction to destructive cults, representing newest updating of totalitarian movements.

The term "cult" refers to groups that tend to be deceptive, psychologically and/or physically abusive, and exploitatively manipulative. Destructive cults is such groups and organizations, which use extreme and unethical manipulation for recruitment, tend or directly carry out the total control of ideas, feelings and behaviour of members. These methods are named "mind control" or "thought reform" in U.S. Thought reform includes the use of highly manipulative methods and processes such as undue social and psychological influence, behavioral modification techniques, disguised hypnosis and trance induction, and other physiological and psychological influence techniques. These techniques are used in a coordinated and systematic way without the informed consent of an individual.

Many different approaches have been applied to the problem of freeing people from the hold of thought reform programs. Later, as the techniques and process evolved, the term exit counseling (or thought reform consultation) was adopted, indicating a voluntary respectful approach. Thought reform consultation is the presentation of information concerning the principles and practical applications of thought reform. This presentation is done in a manner that is legal and conforms to the ethical standards. The consultation involves a respectful dialogue in an open environment, supplemented by educational materials, such as pertinent literature, generic source materials, informational multi-media presentations, and personal testimonies.

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Researches at the field of psychological and spiritual abuse (mind control) are very rare in Russia yet, and, except few articles, only my translation of Giambalvo's book ("Exit counseling: A family intervention. How to Respond to Cult-Affected Loved Ones") is possible to name.

I published a series of articles in "The Journal of the Practical Psychologist" (Moscow):

The basic source of the information for me and for my seminars, lectures, advice are the works of the experts from U.S.:

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