Аббревиатуры — Кусочек синего неба / A Piece Of Blue Sky — Abbreviations


AAA = Advanced Ability Center

ABLE = Association for Better Living and Education

ACU = All Clear Unit

AG = Assistant Guardian

AO = Advanced Organization

ARC = Affinity, Reality, Communication

ASI = Author Services Incorporated

B-1 = Branch One, GO

CMO = Commodore's Messenger Organization

COSMOD = Church of Scientology Mission of Davis

CSC = Church of Scientology of California

CSI = Church of Scientology International

DG = Deputy Guardian

ED Int = Executive Director International

FEBC = Flag Executive Briefing Course

FLB = Flag Land Base

FN = Floating Needle

FOIA = Freedom of Information Act

HASI = Hubbard Association of Scientologists International

HCO = Hubbard Communications Office

HCOB = Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin

HCOPL = Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter

HDRF = Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation

HQS = Hubbard Qualified Scientologist

I HELP = International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors

IAS = International Association of Scientologists

IMO = International Management Organization

KSW = Keeping Scientology Working

LRH Pers PRO = Hubbard Personal Public Relations Office

MCCS = Mission Category Sort-Out

MEST = Matter, Energy, Space and Time

MSH = Mary Sue Hubbard

NAMH = National Association of Mental Health

NED = New Era Dianetics

NED for OTs = New Era Dianetic for Operating Thetans

Nibs = L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

NOTs = New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans

OEC = Organization Executive Course

OT = Operating Thetan

Ops = (GO) Operations

OSA = Office of Special Affairs

OTC = Operation & Transport Company

OTO = Ordo Templi Orientalis

PDC = Philadelphia Doctorate Course

PTS = Potential Trouble Source

Purif = Purification Rundown

RJ 67 = Ron's Journal 1967

RPF = Rehabilitation Project Force

RTC = Religious Technology Center

Scn = Scientology

Sec Check = Security Check

SHSHBC = Saint Hill Special Briefing Course

SMI = Scientology Missions International

SO = Sea Organization

SOCO = Social Coordination Bureau

SP = Suppressive Person

Tech = Technology (of Scientology)

Theta being = Thetan

TR = Training Routine

TR-L = Training Routine - Lying

VGls = Very Good Indicators

WDC = Watchdog Committee

WISE = World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

WW = World-Wide

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