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Our story

The cult that almost steal our daughter

Our daughter was 18 years old when she met Severny Olenj (Alexandros Kapsidis) a shaman of the cult Russian Esoteric Academy of Happiness who came to Costa Rica to establish a branch of this sect.

She was a very smart student on her senior year of High School and a loving daughter, who had been accepted with honors in the University of British Columbia in Canada.

She was searching and participating in different activities in order to enrich her spiritual self. Growing spiritually was her goal. She had a very kind and innocent soul.

In her searching, she started going to some workshops this cult offered. Also her mother went with her. Nothing seemed bad or strange. Soon, Kapsidis asked our daughter to be his translator, because she speaks perfect English and he didnt know Spanish.

She started spending more time with him without knowing he was working with her in a unknown level: the mind control. Not only through the translation he was installing messages in her brain but also by practicing long meditations, lectures, music, exercises, tantra yoga and drumming.

Soon, we started to see changes in her personality. From being a loving daughter she started to be very aggressive with us. Our beautiful relationship with her was transforming to a relationship with an stranger. He repeated to her that she had to detach form her family if she really wanted to have truly spiritual growth, to be near God and to finally meet and be one of the priestess of the Great Master Bogomudr Altay Kagan (Konstantin Rudnev). She also started to sleep on the floor, not to bath herself, not to brushed her teeth and to eat in a very wrong way. She gave away most of her clothes and was forbidden to watch TV, read newspapers or to read nothing but the documents or books of the cult.

After three months of her indoctrination, she ran away to Mexico with Kapsidis. We were devastated but still didnt understand what was going on. We contacted her and she promised she would come to go to Canada and started her university studies. And, she did but

When she came from Mexico she was another person. She was completely change and we noticed that she had two personalities: one was the cult one and the other, her old personality. It was very hard to talk to her because she responded with the same answers, like a programmed robot. Everything had changed we even didnt recognize her glance and she was sure she would go to Russia soon to meet Rudnev and that she will be enlightened if she obey the cult rules.

Before going to Canada she sold everything she had (her cd collection, her books and everything she could) in order to give money to Kapsidis. She also gave him her new laptop but as soon as we knew we ordered her to bring it back. Kapsidis was hiding in the house of a Russian woman who was the first contact of the sect in Costa Rica and when we went to looked for him he didnt have the guts to confront us.

As planned, we left with our daughter to Canada and we thought the contact with this cult was finished. How wrong we were. We didnt know Kapsidis convinced our daughter to go to Canada and that he will meet her there so they can work together for the Academy. Two day after we arrive in the University we asked our daughter to tell us the truth about her plans in Canada and she told that Kapsidis would come in a week and that she was planning to abandon her studies and to stay in Canada with him. We didnt let her to stay and brought her back to Costa Rica against her will.

At that moment, we knew for sure that something very wrong was happening. We talked to one of our sisters and told her what is going on. She went to the bookstore and find a book about cults (Steve Hassans Releasing the bonds). We knew nothing about cults but as soon as we read the book a bell started to ring. There was to much coincidence between what the book said and what we were experienced!!!

So we decided to contact American psychologist Hassan (expert in cults) and with his advice and the help of persons like Yevgeniy N. Volkov from Russia, we did a process to free our daughter from this awful cult. We work very hard in order to have everything ready for the intervention with Hassan, that took place in Costa Rica the 27th of October 2003 a year ago!!!

After the liberation of our daughter, we started to healing. For a complete year we have done many different things to heal all the phobias and bad habits the sect installed in our beloved daughter. Now, she had started her university and she is very happy and positive about her future, though she feels older and mature than her peers. But one thing she knows for sure: that love is bigger than anything and that it was the love of her family, her friends and of the people who helped her in many ways the main factor in the process to recuperate her freedom.